CHARM is an innovative decentralized platform
for the Global Beauty market.

CHARMCOIN is the first and unique cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology which is designed specifically for the Global Beauty Market and secured by Masternodes system.

Our goal is to facilitate payment procedures between all parties in the business.

In order to bring the producers, distributors, salons and end users closer together we are pleased to introduce CHARM Platform. It consists of three main modules:

CHARM Market - a digital marketplace of beauty products which will be based on Blockchain technology;
CHARM Booking – an online service booking and payment system that operates in real time based on Blockchain technology;
CHARM Live – a dedicated social media for all members of the beauty sector.

Decentralized Beauty Market based on Blockchain Platform

CHARM Market will offer producers to be listed according to the types of products and production capacity, geographic location, existing and desired new markets.
Distributors and importers will be able to select producers and engage in collaboration upon agreement of both parties.

Beauty salons and professionals will be able to choose products offered by a local distributor or sales office of the producer. CHARM Market will offer a simpler way to communicate and establish relationships for all participants of the Beauty sector: Producers, Distributors, Salons & Consumers.
Payments between the parties will be carried out fully or partially in CHARMCOIN.

In CHARM Booking our mission is to improve the existing market of online booking service in the Beauty Industry, offering an innovative and highly effective platform created to improve productivity of each professional.

CHARM Booking is simple and effective. Service will be free of charge for suppliers and end-users at an early stage, after the system will evolve, the commission would be 2% currently existing platforms charge up to a staggering 30%!

We are planning to develop an additional function for our clients - social network CHARM Live which will be the social place where sellers will be able to to upload photos and comments on a daily basis. Users can like, comment, monitor experts or other users, as well as upload and share photos.

This social network will help new user to make a better selection of the service and the specialist according to their personal expectations.


  • -CHARM Blockchain Start
    -Project development and market analysis
    -Website Launch
    -Windows, Mac and Linux Wallet Release
    Q1 2018
  • -CHARM Platform development
    -Negotiation with beauty product producers
    -Negotiation with beauty product distributors
    -Negotiation with beauty salons
    -Listing on bigger exchanges
    -Android App development
    -IOS App development
    Q3 2018
  • -CHARM Market release
    -Beginning of the CHARM Live platform development
    -CHARM Booking system release
    -IOS & Android app final release
    -IOS & Android app final release
    -Increase public awareness about the platform
    -Massive global advertising campaign
    Q1 2019
  • Q2 2018
    -Listing on Exchanges
    -Website Release
    -Windows, Mac OS, Linux Wallets Release
    -Listing on ranking websites
    -Prototype of the CHARM Platform
    -WhitePaper & Translation
  • Q4 2018
    -CHARM Market beta version launch
    -IOS & Android app beta version launch
    -CHARM Booking system development
    -Signing contracts with major product producers
    -Marketing and Awareness campaign
    -Initial Team expansion
    -Special trainings for our partners
  • Q2 2019
    -CHARM Live platform release
    -Ultimate Team expansion
    -CHARM Platform extension development
    -Application update and improvement according to the demand and requirements of partners
    -Participation in major Beauty events

Why you should use CHARMCOIN ?


Masternode System


ASIC resistant

Lightning Fast

Active development


Ticker: CHARM
Algorithm: NeoScrypt
Blocktime: 180 seconds (3 minutes)
Block Reward: 100 CHARM decreasing by 7% every year
Estimate Supply: 250,000,000
Required: 10000 CHARM for Masternode
Premine: 5%
Masternode: 50% Block Reward
Default port: 17887
Difficulty Retargeting: Each block (DGW)